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Plugin 1

Fundle - PayPal Donation Button

Elevate your fundraising efforts with this powerful PayPal Donations button plugin. This lightweight yet feature-packed solution empowers you to seamlessly integrate a donation button on your WordPress website. Customize button styles, and set donation goals all while delivering a secure and user-friendly experience to your supporters.

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Plugin 2

UserSync: Import/Export Users

Simplify user management with UserSync. Seamlessly import, export, and synchronize user data using CSV files. Ensure consistent and accurate user information across multiple WordPress sites. From large-scale migrations to regular data updates, UserSync streamlines the process, saving you time and minimizing errors.

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Plugin 3

User Column Manager

Tailor your WordPress user lists to your needs using User Column Manager. Enhance user profile visibility by adding custom columns with vital information. Display additional fields, such as user levels, registration date, and more, directly in the admin panel. Streamline your user management process and gain valuable insights with this powerful plugin.

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"Using Fundle has been a game-changer for us. The customization options for the button styles allowed us to align the plugin with our branding and fundraising objectives."

- Ann Moira

"The support provided by the support team is exceptional. Any time I had an issue, their team was quick to assist and resolve the problem. Truly impressed!"

- Hussein Duncan

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